Бид харилцагчийнхаа бизнесийг өөрийн бизнес гэж хардаг. Ингэснээр, бид харилцагчиддаа хамгийн сайныг зөвлөж, хамтдаа хамгийн сайн шийдвэрийг гаргадаг.

Харилцагчдын сэтгэгдэл:

Mr.Enkhtor , Executive Director of “ Gangar Holding” Co.Ltd:

“Tenkhleeg Zuuch”  LLC is one of the first company in the real estate mediation sector in Mongolia. The company has many years of experience in real estate sector and has been focusing more on research work lately. Tenkhleg Zuuch LLC is the professional organization that not only ...

Mr.Batbaasan, Executive Director, Altai Construction Co.Ltd

Our company started operating in the construction sector in 2003 and  has become one of the TOP THREE Construction Entities in Mongolia as a result of  our service quality, flexible condition, business ethics, client service and  client satisfaction.    that Манай компа...

Mr. Khurelkhuu, the executive director of Nomin Construction Development Co.Ltd

I have known Tenkhleg Zuuch LLC since its establishment.  Tenkhleg Zuuch LLC is a leading company in the real estate property mediation sector in Mongolia.  The company has kept its reputation among the communities up to now. I am very satisfied with “Housing Index” by Tenkhle...

Mr.Batbileg, head of Ger Area Infrastructure Division, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Our organization has been cooperating with Tenkhleg Zuuch LLC since 213. We are always grateful to Tenkhleg Zuuch LLC for providing us the most reliable and accurate information about the old and new houses, apartments, and offices, fences, and their location, and market prices through their webpag...

Mr. Batragchaa, Administration and Finance Director, The state Housing Corporation of Mongolia

“Tenkhleg Zuuch” LLC  is the company that conducts the most accurate and reliable  researches and studies related to the real estate property.  Ministry of Construction and Urban Development use the results of studies and researches done by Tenkhleg Zuuch LLC when they dev...

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