Mr.Batbaasan, Executive Director, Altai Construction Co.Ltd


Our company started operating in the construction sector in 2003 and  has become one of the TOP THREE Construction Entities in Mongolia as a result of  our service quality, flexible condition, business ethics, client service and  client satisfaction.    that Манай компани 2003 оноос барилгын салбарт үндсэн үйл ажиллагаагаа эхлүүлсэн

Our company has been leading the other construction companies and contributing to Ulaanbaatar City Development since 2003.  Our company has constructed 2 office building and 5 apartments and currently we are constructing a 1238-household- apartment between Bayan Mongol and Dunjingarav Townships.

We have been cooperating with Tenkhleg Zuuch LLC since 2013.

“Тэнхлэг зууч” компанийн The webpage “” , Tenkhleg Zuuch LLC has been attracted by thousands of players such as entrepreneurs,  business entities, and buyers because of the very well organization, structure, updated, accurate and reliable information and data sources as well as it helps the players in the construction sector to save their time. 

The constant and comparative research on real estate property by Tenkhleg Zuuch LLC always not only saves our time but also gives positive impact on our decision making process. 

We strongly believe that our long lasting cooperation is the bridge for thousands of households and families to live happily.

Good luck to your farther business.

Mr.Batbaasan, Executive Director, Altai Construction Co.Ltd  
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