Mr.Enkhtor , Executive Director of “ Gangar Holding” Co.Ltd:


“Tenkhleeg Zuuch”  LLC is one of the first company in the real estate mediation sector in Mongolia.

The company has many years of experience in real estate sector and has been focusing more on research work lately.

Tenkhleg Zuuch LLC is the professional organization that not only provide with the required information to the government organizations, professional associations but also cooperate with the construction companies and project and program units in Mongolia.

Our company has cooperated with Tenkhleg Zuuch LLC in real estate property purchase.  Also our company place our housing projects in page belongs to the Tenkhleg Zuuch LLC and deliver the required information related to the Housing purchase  to our clients through the company webpage.  

I am pleased to note that high quality and accurate housing market research conducted by Tenkhleg Zuuch helps and contribute to our company and the other project implementers.   

Our company has been running business in the construction sector since 2012. Our company amis to construct housings for middle –income households. Our company has constructed and commissioned more than 5000 houses and apartment since we started operating in the construction sector.

Currently our company has been working on a project to build a 5000 household residential district in 8th and 16th micro district, Bayanzurkh district in the scope of Ger District Re-Planning Project.  

Good luck to Tenkhleg Zuuch LLC, our partner, and  

Mr.Enkhtor , Executive Director of “ Gangar Holding” Co.Ltd:  
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